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  • Website Design

    K-Ware Website Design
    As with many things in live, a websites first impression (Website Design) decides whether people will stay and check out the rest of the website or move away from the website. If that first impression looks un-professional, people will leave and not further explore your website. That is why at K-Ware we take pride in […]
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  • Social Media

    K-Ware Social Media
    Social media is an important part of promoting your website on the internet. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc are a few social media sites that will help you draw potential customers to your webpage. To get you name out in the world is the most important step to get new customers. The basics haven’t changed from 20 […]
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  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

    K-Ware SEO
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of updating a website so that it will be easy to indexed by search engines. If your site has errors, broken links etc then the search engines will not index your site correctly. The possibility exists that if your website has to many problems, that search engines will […]
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  • Web Hosting

    K-Ware LLC Webhosting
    K-Ware offers different web hosting services to our clients. Our monthly prices starts at $10.00. Depending on the complexity of the site, we have options that will fit your needs. K-Ware’s email hosting offers a web base client or direct access through any web client program.
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K-Ware LLC Website Design
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Rogier at K-Ware has been excellent to work with! I have worked exclusively with him on our website design over the course of 5 years and have nothing but great things to say! He is very prompt to answer any questions you may have, via email or phone. Our company would highly recommend him to anyone…
Nicole Schultzbeagle construction llcSaginaw, MI
K-Ware heeft voor ons Vastgoedbedrijf een archiveringssysteem op maat ontwikkeld. Wij zijn hierdoor in staat om gestructureerder, sneller en overzichtelijker ons documentenbestand te beheren. Na een intakegesprek en enkele telefonische en digitale overleggen heeft K-Ware de klus binnen afzienbare ti…
Martin BosscherBosscher Concepten bvHoofddorp, Netherlands
Bij K-Ware bent u aan het goede adres voor uw website. AL uw wensen en ideeën worden verwerkt in de website. Om later iets aan te passen of nieuwe ideeën toe te voegen is geen probleem. Prettige communicatie en fijne samenwerken.
Jurrien des Bouvriedesbouvrie wijnenNetherlands
K-Ware worked and is still working for me creating and developing our web pages, it’s a total different task than normal because these web pages are for people with vision problems, so glaumor and bright colors don’t work. He took the time to adjust the colors when we had two patients with macular d…
Dr P. OtteMicroAcupuntureBeaver, WV
Rogier werkt erg professioneel, weet goed als je iets wil op je website hoe hij dat het beste naar voren moet brengen. Is erg duidelijk en maakt dus een overzichtelijke site voor je, top communicatie en erg vriendelijk. Ik ben super blij dank je wel en voor de goede zorgen.
Eline des Bouvrie Beauty & VisageNetherlands